Canadian Tactical Carbine Association (CTCA) was founded to enable the carbine enthusiast an opportunity to put to use his/her carbine in a fun competitive sport that utilizes speed & accuracy while negotiating realistic scenarios.

Although a competitive sport, the goal of CTCA is for self-progression and to challenge yourself, and not promote a competitive atmosphere where strict rules and regulations on equipment apply.  CTCA promotes the use of full tactical gear and equipment, as it understands that most carbine enthusiasts have a desire to test, train, and put to use their full fighting order. 

As it is very common for operators to have both primary and secondary weapon systems, CTCA uses both carbine and pistol during courses of fire, however 90% of all courses of fire during a match will concentrate on the use of the carbine, as the pistol is used as a backup & secondary firearm.

The goal of CTCA is to provide the competitor with a fun & safe environment for them to engage in realistic scenarios utilizing real world tactics, thus further enhancing their skills with both Carbine and Pistol.


About CTCA
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